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A Guide To Living With A Stoma

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given.  Before acting on suggestions from anyone, ostomates are advised to check with a doctor or stoma care nurse that the course of action is suitable

for them. Whilst every care is taken, the author will not be held responsible.
















Many ostomates are greatly concerned that they may suffer leaks whilst in bed.  This can be overcome, both at home and whilst on holiday, by protecting the bed with a mattress protector pad (sometimes called bed pads).  These pads are absorbent and have a cover which stays dry.  Some of these pads are also non-slip, waterproof and are quick drying, which makes them ideal for holidays.  

Ursula Naish designs and creates mattress covers with a quilted upper and waterproof back, in cotton or polyester.  The standard size is a metre by a metre, but this can be altered to suit an ostomate’s personal requirements.  Further details can be obtained by telephoning Ursula on 01233 640 863, or emailing

Other companies, who may be able to help are:


Brolly Sheets




Every ostomate is different, and in some circumstances, an ostomate may suffer from additional problems with their stomas, such as stenosis (narrowing) of a urostomy.  

In this instance, a medical professional might suggest that it is necessary for an ostomate to

intermittently self-catheterise in order to keep the stoma open.  There are many different types of catheters available, but some are more suitable to an ostomate’s needs than others, and it is subject

to a discussion between the professional medical staff and the ostomate.  One example of a relevant product is the UltraSmooth Meatal Dilator, which is offered by Peak Medical Ltd.  The dilator is very

easy to use, only 10 cm. long, and offers smooth insertion and removal.

For more information on the UltraSmooth Meatal Dilator, please call freephone 0800 652 0424

and quote M30.


Many ostomates are concerned that they are not able to empty urinary night drainage bags discreetly, when they are on holiday, in a car, etc.  This problem can be overcome by using a night drainage bag cover, which fits all urinary night drainage bags.  

These can be obtained by contacting Ursula Naish, who has designed and created a night drainage

bag cover, which about the size of a gym bag.  Each cover is made to a personal specification, and is available in soft cream and soft blue.  It is fully waterproof inside, washable, and is ideal for when an ostomate is on holiday, on a long-distance, car journey, etc.

The idea is to empty the urostomy pouch into the urinary night drainage bag, and when a toilet is available, an ostomate can empty the night drainage bag at their convenience, without anyone else knowing what is inside.  The night bag cover can also be used when the urinary night drainage bag is clipped to a travel, flat-pack night drainage bag stand.

Further details can be obtained by telephoning Ursula on 01233 640 863, or emailing


A night drainage bag increases the capacity of the appliance for urostomates.  These night drainage bags are obtainable from most of the major stoma appliance manufacturers, e.g. Pelican Healthcare.


Paste is designed to fill in the cavities, crevices, dips and folds around a stoma to provide a smooth surface.  This gives an ideal base to ensure that the flange adheres safely and securely to the skin, thus minimising the potential of a leak.  To make it easier to apply paste, wet your finger.  When paste has been applied, leave it for sixty seconds.  It is advisable not to put paste directly onto sore or raw skin, as this will sting.  Some ostomates prefer to apply a protective powder first.

Adapt Paste from Hollister.

Dansac Soft Paste from Dansac.

Eakin Cohesive Paste from Pelican Healthcare.

Salts No-Sting Stoma Paste from Salts Healthcare.

Stoma Paste from Oakmed.



Many ostomates place a night drainage bag onto a suitable stand.  There are three types -

- a floor standing model (metal with white plastic coating),

- a mattress clip,

- a plastic travel, flat-pack design.

Both the floor standing model and the mattress clip can be obtained from CLH Healthcare

 of Exeter - telephone 01392 273355.  The company are an NHS approved supplier, and will post the product throughout the UK, subject to a carriage charge.

For further information on the plastic travel, flat-pack night bag stand:


Lifestyle/Holidays/Night Drainage Bag Stands


M - R

A pouch cover can improve the comfort of wearing a pouch.  It is especially useful during hot weather, or if an ostomate perspires a lot in general.  A pouch cover may prevent a rash on the skin under the actual pouch.

Pouch covers are available for males and females.  They provide discretion by covering up the contents of the appliance, and can absorb any sweat between the appliance and the skin.  Various types of material are used, and they can be in various colours, floral patterns, shower proof and children’s designs.  Some suppliers will even make pouch covers using an ostomate’s own choice of material.

Some suggested manufacturers are:

Respond offer CoverSURE, a made-to-measure pouch cover, which follows the contours of your

ostomy pouch exactly.

Ostomy Covers by Linda.  Covers are made to fit any stoma bag, with most colours being available.  There are many possible fabrics, including cotton, lace, lightweight denim, silky fabrics, and other


Ursula Naish makes pouch covers in most fabrics - 100% cotton, embroidery anglaise, satin, shower proof, towelling etc.



Powders protect damaged, raw or sore parastomal skin, and can help to dry weeping skin.  Powders specifically made for the skin around a stoma will not hamper adhesion of the appliance.  It is an easy product to use - just sprinkle the affected area of skin with stoma powder, dust off the excess and seal the powder with a non-alcohol skin preparation, e.g. 3M Cavilon.  Gently wipe the skin until no more powder is visible, and this will help damaged skin to heal more quickly.

Adapt Powder from Hollister.


Orahesive from ConvaTec.


OstoSEAL from Respond.




After surgery, some ostomates prefer to sleep on their side or their stomach as they did before having

a stoma.  The problems, which are associated with this, depends on the individual, the stoma type and the positioning.  However, especially for a urostomate, sleeping on the side where the stoma is located might cause a problem, because this position may bend the skin, which could cause a flange to leak.  Many ostomates are uncomfortable sleeping on their backs, because once again, this might cause a problem.  Lying on one’s back means that liquid/faeces may build up around the flange opening, and not go into the pouch as expected.  Eventually, these liquids/faeces may escape beneath the flange, thus causing leakage.

Some ostomates overcome these problems by using an ostomy pillow.  When used properly, the latter  can provide a complete roll over and blow out protection.  The foam conforms to an ostomate’s body and allows the ostomate to sink in, whilst still supporting mass weight.

Ostomy Pillow from PouchWear.




Retention strips (sometimes called security strips or security tape) offer additional security to an

appliance, by providing a reliable and effective way to secure a pouch, and to prevent leaks.


Flange Retention Strips from Bullen.

Varimate from Peak Medical.