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A Guide To Living With A Stoma

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Seals and washers are used on parastomal skin that has crevices, fistulas or scar tissue that make the skin surrounding the stoma uneven.  They create an even surface by filling  the creases and dips.  This allows the pouch to be applied securely, and prevents sore skin by stopping unwanted leaks.  These seals and washers are easily mouldable to all the body contours to ensure increased comfort, and can be used in the management of retracted stomas - contact your stoma care nurse.

Astoa Ring Seals from Respond.

Dansac Seals from Dansac.

Eakin Cohesive Seals from Pelican Healthcare.  

Hyperseal from CliniMed.

Option Seals from Oakmed.

Varimate Resist Washers from Peak Medical.

Varimate Wedges from Peak Medical.




Security frames (sometimes called flange extensions) offer additional security to an appliance, by providing a reliable and effective way to secure a pouch, and to prevent leaks.

AcuBond Strips from Independence.


Astoa Flange Extenders from Respond.

HydroFrame from CliniMed.

Flange Extender.    

OstoFIX Eighty from Respond.

Security Frame.

Salts Flange Extender from Salts Healthcare.

Security Strips.

Varimate Retention Strips from Peak Medical.

Retention Strips.


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Skin barriers creams are used as a protective measure against harmful body waste, including urine and intestinal discharge.  There are various skin barrier creams made specifically for the skin around stomas, and they are designed to soothe and moisturise the skin, and protect the area from becoming sore.  If the area is already sore, skin barrier creams can soothe and help prevent further damage, without having an adverse effect on the adhesion.  Some barrier creams contain aloe vera, lavender, etc., which also help to keep the skin healthy.  Use a barrier cream sparingly, massage into the skin and wipe away any excess before attaching a stoma pouch.

An ostomate should only use creams made specifically for the skin around the stoma.  Normal creams should not be used, since these types of creams form a greasy surface, which will prevent an appliance from sticking.  Therefore, any creams which would normally be used for skin complaints elsewhere on the body should not be used around the stoma.  

There are many skin barriers creams available, which are made specifically for stoma care.

Brava from Coloplast.


Cavilon from 3M Health Care.

Sachets and Tube.

LaVera from Opus Healthcare.

Sachets and Tube.

Medi Derma-S from Medicareplus.

Sachets and Tube.

OstoGUARD from Respond.

Sachets and Tube.

Ultra from Pelican Healthcare.




S - Z

Another slightly different product, which can be used on the skin around a stoma to protect against damage from the constant application and removal of appliance adhesives, friction, digestive juices,

 faecal and urinary waste matter, is a skin barrier film.  These skin barrier films are quick and easy to  use, and can be gently applied to the skin, creating a thin, uniform, waterproof layer, like a second

skin over the entire area.  The film should be allowed to dry thoroughly before a flange/pouch is

fitted.  The flange/pouch adheres to the second skin, and thus aids appliance removal.  

Barrier Wipes from Independence.


Cavilon from 3M Health Care.

Foam Applicator, Spray Bottle and Wipes.

LBF (Liquid Barrier Film) from CliniMed.


OstoGUARD from Respond.

Sachets, Spray and Tube.

Salts Barrier Film from Salts Healthcare.

Foam Applicator and Wipes.

Protect Plus from Pelican Healthcare.


SkinSafe from Opus Healthcare.

Sachets and Spray.



There are many occasions, when ostomates (men, women and children) find a portable toilet kit to be extremely useful, especially when bathroom or toilet facilities are not available.  This small, disposable product can be used for the emergency emptying of ileostomy and urostomy pouches, and also for colostomy pouches, if the latter contains liquid output.  They provide a convenient and hygienic solution to emptying a pouch, when a toilet is unavailable. They are also discreet, lightweight and odourless.

The toilet kit contains crystals, which enable fluids to be turned into a gel, which will not leak or spill.  Each kit is resealable until it is full, and each pack contains antiseptic hand wipes for safe and

sanitary use.

These compact, portable toilet kits are a perfect solution for the needs of a long day away from the bathroom, attending festivals, beach, boating, camping, car journeys, walking trips, etc.

Brief Relief from Respond.

TravelJohn from White Rose Collection.




Stoma protectors, sometimes called activity shields, are hard plastic devices, which are worn over the stoma and appliance to protect the stoma.  Some ostomates find that they are particularly useful in contact sports.  In addition, some patients worry that if they are swimming, they may damage their stoma, and feel more confident if they are wearing a stoma protector.  Also, many stoma patients use them whilst shopping in the January sales!  

OstoSHIELD from Respond.



Skin cleansing gels are used when water is not available.  An example could be when an ostomate is away from home and needs to change or drain a pouch.  There may be no access to a clean water source, e.g. some standard toilets do not have a washbasin in the cubicle.  These skin cleansing gels act as a hand and skin cleanser, are easy to use, and are also ideal for freshening hands after emptying or changing a pouch.  However, care should be taken not to use the gel on the actual stoma.  

CLEANSE from Respond.

Sachets and Bottle.

Dansac Skin Lotion from Dansac.

Sachets and Bottle.

Ostagel from CliniMed.

Sachets and Bottle.



Stoma noise suppressors provide stoma noise suppression and stoma protection in one easy-to-use accessory.  These comfortable, foam products are worn over the stoma and appliance, and are lightweight, discreet and easily removable.  A stoma noise suppressor conforms to an individual’s body curves, and provides robust stoma protection and acoustic dampening.  Stoma noise suppressors allow ostomates freedom of mind to engage in social situations with confidence.  Some ostomates find that they are particularly useful in noise suppression and protection, when working in an office, eating in restaurants, participating in sporting activities (especially contact sports), gardening and housework.

Stoma Stifler from BEAMM LLC (USA).




A stoma cup is an accessory, which many ostomates find very useful.  This product is manufactured

from high-quality, moulded plastic, and is small, reusable and clean.


It is worn between the removal of a used appliance and the attachment of a new appliance.  A stoma cup is attached easily and firmly over the stoma with an ostomy belt.  There is no need for tape or adhesive.  As such, the stoma cup holds a piece of absorbent material over the stoma to catch any unintentional flow.  Both hands are free in order to clean around the stoma area, and then attach

the new appliance.


In addition, some ostomates find it convenient to use a stoma cup when bathing and showering, as

it allows an ostomate to bath or shower without a pouch, and thus it eliminates wet pouches, etc.  

It allows for both hands to be free, when drying off after a bath or shower.

Stoma Cup from C&M Ostomy Supplies.

Stoma Cup from White Rose Collection.




A stoma cap is a small mini pouch.  Traditional stoma caps contain an integral filter, and are available from stoma appliance manufacturers. They can be used for short-time wear, e.g. while swimming, playing sports, etc.  These stoma caps may also be used in conjunction with irrigation for colostomates, and further information on this can be obtained from your stoma care nurse.

Stoma Cap Closed Pouch from Peak Medical.

In addition, there is a further form of stoma cap - one which does not contain an integral filter.  

Instead of the integral filter, this type of stoma cap has a super-absorbent pad, which is designed to absorb moisture emitted from a non-functioning colostomy (mucous fistula) or to absorb drops of urine from a Mitrofanoff continent urinary reservoir between catheterisation, if necessary.

Colomate Mini Stoma Caps from Peak Medical.




Amongst the different products, which can be used on the skin around a stoma are skin protective wafers (sometimes called skin barriers).  These may be hypoallergenic, and will cover and protect the skin, allowing the skin to heal if it is sore or broken.  They can also protect the parastomal skin from effluent or contact dermatitis.  They come in a range of shapes and sizes, which are applied to the skin.  Sometimes they can be cut to the required size and shape using templates.  An appliance can then be attached to the wafer.

Stomahesive Skin Barrier from ConvaTec.

Varihesive Skin Barrier from ConvaTec.


Stoma bridges can help the motion to drop to the bottom of the pouch, thus helping prevent ‘pancaking’ for colostomates.  Opus Healthcare offer ClearWay and ClearWay Mini.  Two ClearWay stoma bridges, one to each side of the pouch opening, provides extra protection from ‘pancaking’.